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  • Set of 3 Cotton Towels - One Price 3 Turkish towels
  • Delivery next day or within 2 days
  • 100 x 180 cm - 100% Cotton
  • Please choose your colours and send me a message after your purchase
  • Colours : Green, Dark Grey, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Aqua, Lilac, Blue, Grey, Navy, Red, Beige, Cherry, Mint
Turkish towels are a product unique to Turkey that are used today in a wide range of settings including at the beach, during yoga and gym classes, or as a travel companion. These towels have various different names, the most common being a peshtemal. A peshtemal is the traditional name given to the woven towel that was originally used to cover the body in a Turkish hammam or bath - another traditional Turkish custom. Peshtemals have a history of nearly 600 years and originated in Anatolia, Turkey. These towels are also known as a pestemal, fringet towel, tassel towel or a hammam towel. A silk peshtemal is called a fota, but peshtemal is usually woven by cotton, linen or bamboo yarn.
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Set of 3 Essev Turkish Towel Hammam Towel Bath Shower Beach Gym Yoga Travel Towel Peshtemal Spa Sauna Hammam Wrap Coverup Picnic Beach Blanket Sarong Fouta Pareo Unisex B079TRFH2

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